BHP: Mt Arthur Coal
Case 1

JP Environmental benchmarked water use at Mt Arthur Coal for BHP. The project involved comparing coal handling and preparation plant water usage with industry standards based on ROM per quantity of reused, recycled and fresh water. CPP water usage trends were also forecasted.

Case 2

The site water classification and reporting practices were reviewed and benchmarked against the Minerals Council of Australia Water Accounting Framework and the practices of comparable industry operators.

Case 3

Design a surface drainage system for rehabilitated mined land. Define catchments and design contour drains to direct surface runoff into proposed and existing sediment dams. Size the proposed dams in accordance with ‘Managing Urban Stormwater: Soils and Construction: Volume 2E Mines and Quarries’. Design a 700 metre long rock lined drain to convey runoff down a rehabilitated overburden emplacement. Identify
alternate drainage designs and channel armour. Prepare a design report.